Friday Favourites – FULL CIRCLE!

Bump Art is one of those “Marmite” ideas!  You love it or hate it!  For me it’s one of my FAVOURITE areas of my work!  I remember my own pregnancy with such fondness and I am thrilled whenever I am invited to share some precious hours with new mums-to-be and help them create a particularly special and fun memory of their treasured time.

In 2011 we appeared on the BBC for Comic Relief painting bumps for Red Nose Day.  As part of a UK wide team, we raised nearly £8,000 for this worthy cause and had a lot of fun in the process!  Sarah and Katy were two of my beautiful models who have since become my friends too!

Today, three years on (and coincidentally the start of Sport Relief weekend)  I met up with Sarah and Katy again with their “babies” to celebrate their third birthdays!  They were both absolute angels but just as wriggly in real life as they were as bumps!!!  The children that is, not the Mums!

So for this week’s Friday Favourites I wanted to share this fun area of my work with you with the help of two very cute models!


Katy Bump

Best Buddies

Sarah and Katy

If you would like to book a Bump Art experience for yourself or as a gift for a loved one then please take a look at our website to find details of a special offer we have available currently in partnership with Lovelight Photography in Pirbright, Surrey.

Please click on this link Lovelight Showreel to have a peek at some previous shoots!

And one last bit of fun ….

Every Little Helps! I’m doing “Something Funny For Money”

Every 2 years I like to do something to support Red Nose Day and this year I’d really love to prove the point that every “little” helps.


I’ve had amazing support with previous charity fundraisers I’ve arranged; some of the success has been down to some very very generous donators.

This year I’d like to just ask each of you to consider donating £2 ONLY to my Just Giving page to see what we can do by pulling together as a local community; a facepainting community; my wonderful Rock Choir community and …. anyone else who knows me!!!!  (It was £1 originally but have now found out that the minimum donation is £2!!!)


Some of you will know that I’m rather “known” for my face painted clowns and, if it all goes to plan, I have a rather special new design in mind for Red Nose Day 2013.

SO in return for your generosity I will paint my specially commissioned new clown face design today which, if we hit my target of £100 I will publish on my Facebook page at 10pm tonight!

Please please please share this link on Facebook; Twitter; by email; word of mouth …. EVERY LITTLE HELPS!!

(If you already “like” my page I think the new photo will come up on your Facebook page as soon as I publish it but please do check in just in case!  If you’re new to my page please click on the “like” button to be added automatically.  The image will also go live on Twitter!)