Behind the Scenes!

In my last update, I promised to share some photos of the build up to my article in Illusion magazine so here goes!

The first shoot involved my friend Sophie travelling up from Somerset with her daughter Ellie Mae as they were my original clown models at my first professional party and my plan was to recreate the same designs 4 years on!

They are ideal models for facepainting as they both perform regularly on stage for local dance and drama companies so having layers of paint/make up applied to their faces is a regular occurrence. Still like statues whilst being painted followed by nutty posers in front of the camera – PERFECTION!!!!

We started with some relatively sensible shots ….

and then the giggles started and it all went pear shaped!!!

The second shoot was a different league (photographically speaking) – my fabulous friend, Fran, of Francoise Stevens Photography agreed to spare me some precious studio time as well as loaning me her beautiful identical twin daughters as models along side my own gorgeous little girl!

It was a brilliant experience painting the twins – and a little surreal having the same face presented to me twice! (Gave me a small insight into what it might be like being the Wolfe Brothers!)

Then, following much bribery and corruption, I persuaded my little one to be painted as my interpretation of Pierrot. For those of you who have read the article in Illusion, this will all make sense!!

Fran worked her magic with the camera and the three girls smiled and pouted their way through the shoot beautifully! Here are a few more of my favourites!

We’re always looking for willing victims, models, to practice new ideas on so do get in touch if you’re keen to volunteer!

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