Waking up to the beautiful snow covered scenes from my window this morning did cast some doubt as to whether I’d make it to Guildford today but thanks to hubby spending an hour clearing the driveway I was able to set off tentatively with my boot loaded with shovel, blanket, snow boots, jumpers and a flask of coffee!!!

45 minutes later I pulled up in the car park with some relief and skidded my way into the wonderfully warm hotel!

I knew it was to be a great afternoon when whilst setting up I was greeted by a school friend from many years ago who had brought her large extended family with her to celebrate her birthday. Whilst we have met up a couple of times in recent years, it was the first time I’d met her Mum and brother in over 30 years!!! So lovely to see them all again and to meet the rest of the family.

My favourite waitress, Sarah, has a new request each week as to what she’d like painted on her face. Last week was Avatar; this week was lillies!!!

The restaurant was full of many other lovely guests today including the very charming Donal MacIntyre who was lunching with his beautiful family. After transforming both of his adorable daughters into sparkling flower princesses I had the great pleasure of painting Mr MacIntyre himself as Spidey!!!! What a sport!!!!

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