We took on a last minute challenge tonight to raise funds for Children in Need. Two of my friends at different ends of the country challenged me during a Facebook chat to paint my husband, Russell Guest, Sales Director of the Employment Services Partnership Ltd, as Pudsey Bear!!!!

Russell is used to being a model for my creativity but on most occasions this is for extreme special effects make up and horrific Halloween creations and therefore is not usually met with much objection!

However, transforming my nearly 6ft hulk of a hubby into a cute yellow teddy bear wasn’t met with quite so much enthusiasm!!!

I’m always up for a challenge so immediately set up a Just Giving Page http:www.justgiving.com/fascinatingfaces and got the message out on Facebook. Within an hour and a half my friends, colleagues, clients and fans had helped raise over £500 and the donations just keep on coming.

Russell, I think you will agree, makes a fabulous Pudsey and even got doused with glitter!!!

Our Just Giving page remains open and all donations however small will be most welcomed. http://www.justgiving.com/Fascinatingfaces

Don’t forget we will be joining the team at Pine Ridge Golf Club on Sunday 27th November to help raise funds for yet another worth cause – Christopher’s Smile.

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